Sunday, September 23, 2007

for paypal

Okay, you're here because you saw the ad. I have been a Bears fan ever since 1985 when I moved to Illinois. What a great ride that was! Super Bowl Shuffle! Walter Payton. Mike Singletary! Whoo hoo! (Oh yeah, and Jim McMahon....)

Well, I watch bears games from my new state of Vermont and throw things at the tv. Why is Rex our starter? Okay, so he's a kid. Maybe he'll be a star. great. BUT, I want someone now. We have great defense. We've sacrificed some special teams players even since last year. I want a quarterback with a great rating. Chicago deserves it.

I have spent the pre-season up until now saying, "The fans will PAY for a better QB! I KNOW they will. Somebody should fundraise." Well, finally, I've decided to put my money where my mouth is. I bought a Google AdWords search ad, I placed this blog, I finally found somekind of paypal button that links to my paypal account. Now let's raise money and awareness. At least if you don't want to vote with a couple of pennies, pass it on to your Bears fan friends. I would love people to hear about the idea. Maybe someone will find it, or even do it better. I don't care. I just want a new QB. A good one, a GREAT ONE. Don't you? VOTE! You can PayPal ANY amount. even a penny. At least it's a vote. Subscribe to the feed. Follow up. Keep in touch. Comment. Let me know what you think. Have any code writers who want to make this awesome? HELP! but start by sending me a vote!

Let's send the McCaskeys some money and tell them to spend it where it counts!

< <

Enter the amount you would like to donate:

Enter the time frame of the recurrence:

Choose how often you would like the donations made:

Choose the number of payments you would like to make:

If the above doesn't work, please try:

Please login to or and send 1 penny or 1 dollar (or 1 million dollars) to the account.

Money is NOT for personal use. Maybe we'll get some media promotion then some real attention, then really raise money for a quarterback. I don't know how to do this, or the legality of it, but it's a fun thought. If nothing happens, it's very easy to refund payments through paypal.

Da Bears Quarterback Fund

All Money collected will go SOLELY for this cause
Paypal account dedicated to this purpose
Every PENNY is your vote for change!

I am working very hard on putting in a paypal button for this blog, but I'm not much of a code writer and the button maker software I tried isn't letting me do it, but, if you paypal me directly at, it'll fly! I'll keep track, I'll email you back if it doesn't get out of control.
If it does, maybe we'll raise enough !